We are constantly developing more useful tools and features which gives you and us an easy experience for managing and customising your devices.

We want to bring some clarity and easy to use software to cryptocurrency, it's already hard enough!

Hardware Tracker

We are using automated software to track hardware prices to get you the best deal and therefor make your ROI time shorter!

Hardware prices are currently overpriced. But if you look good and long enough there are still good deals but it will take longer to find the ideal device for you.

Management Dashboard

We have customised our website and software to provide our customers as much transparancy as we can without risking security.

Want to acces your dashboard? Simply go to the top right of this page, click login and provide your account details. If you have no acces to your account please use the following link [Forgot your password]

Price watching

Our software works with the biggest exchanges to get accurate price data and this will be monitored by us and our software almost 24/7.

When we iniate a sellof we will try to contact you by mail or phone before we do anything so you have plenty of time to contact us in case this is not what you want.

Custom Software

We have developed alot of custom software to make this website and our service possible.

If you have any ideas for possible software be sure to let us know!

24/7 Temperature monitoring

To prevent overheating and the best performance we and our software are monitoring your hardware temperatures 24/7.


We currently provide 2 types of overclocks, efficiency and performance below you can find the reason why.

Efficiency overclock (default): This is the best way to mine during low points in the market to optimalise crypto generated/power used and ensures longevity of your hardware.

Performance overclock: This overclock pushes your hardware to its limits and therefor generates more crypto at the cost of the posibility of reduced lifespan and higher power consumption and generating more heat.